Tips for Using Shortcodes in WordPress

Shortcodes in WordPress lets you add functionality to your posts, pages, widgets, without actually writing any code. There are many WordPress themes and plguins that offer shortcodes to add different elements to your page like pricing, events, etc into WordPress.

ShortCodes in WordPress makes it easier to add elements to your post like adding a responsive slider by just using a simple shortcode. You can also create a simple survey form in WordPress with just a single line of shortcode.

This eliminates the need for copying and pasting codes from other sites, or repeating a tedious task all over again.


Here are some tips when using shortcodes:

WordPress Shortcodes Plugins that You Have to Try

Shortcodes are WordPress-specific codes that will let you do creative things with scripts and code. If you haven’t used shortcodes, then you are missing out on a lof of stuffs that a shortcode can have like for example, taking long ugly lines of code into one, clean, short line of code. It is a shortcut for a long script for a long list of codes. You can’t just use shortcodes at your disposal, you need to manually insert it to your blog theme or use a plugin. However, the problem with finding the one that suits you can be very time consuming. So here are some of the best shortcodes:

Mastering WordPress ShortCodes

WordPress shortcodes are very powerful but still unknown to many. It can do more out of the usual, therefore, make blogging a lot easier. Shortcodes are very easy to use. If you don’t know anything about shortcodes yet, I suggest you learn the basics of shortcodes and learn why you need to use it.

Using shortcodes is very easy, just switch to HTML mode and type in the shortcode.

For example, you can use shortcodes to embed content like this:
[url href=””]WordPressLuv[/url]

What is great about shortcodes is that they are very easy to create. If you know how to write a basic PHP function, then you already know how to create your own WordPress ShortCode.

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