Display Facebook Fans in Full Text in Your Blog

If you have integrated Facebook into your blog, you can do things with it other than displaying your status in Facebook. You can display in your blog the number of Facebook fans you have in full text. The advantage of this feature is that people will know that you are a blog to be spent time on especially if you have a lot of fans. People will gain trust knowing that you are not alone and people believe in your credibility. Additionally, if some of your fans are friends of the one that is visiting your site, they might as well trust you and become one of your avid readers.

Get the code  and instructions here: http://www.wprecipes.com/display-number-of-facebook-fans-in-full-text-on-your-wordpress-blog

Post Pic Add a Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress blog

I think I just identified a pretty major bug in Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, which allows webmasters to write data on FB’s social graph, which cannot be ‘deleted’ *if* they should they make a mistake when they initially implement the code into their website.

And due to the way FB presents the tool and the code generator to the public, many webmasters do not read the docs (and just add the cut and paste code) and fail to add the meta tags required to admin the tool… which causes permanent problems later, if they ever want to admin the tool. In fact, most webmasters with this issue dont even know there an admin panel should have been dynamically generated for them when they first added the code, which they forever locked themselves out of.
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Facebook Like Plugin for WordPress

If you have webmaster or WordPress knowledge and are interested in writing a post for WordPress Hacks, please contact us.You may have noticed that Facebook social plugins are everywhere these days with the popular ”Like” button, primarily because of its ease of use and how it integrates with the social graph.  This is because the button represents a one-time sharing event vs. establishing a lasting connection with your readers.  Now imagine instead how you could get ongoing updates on topics that interest you!
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