How to create a wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide

wordpressDid you know that is the most popular blogging platform that powers more than 60 million websites  worldwide?

People create blogs for many reasons. Some people start a blog to teach others about a topic while others start blogging simply to have fun.  Everyone has their own reason.

So whats’s your reason to start a blog?

There are many free blogging platforms are available to set up a blog and begin writing within minutes. But if you are using hosted blogging platforms like blogger, tumbler, Facebook etc., you need to under their terms and conditions. A self hosted blog will give you complete control over how your blog site looks and works.

WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. WordPress has many features like custom design templates, plugin, automatic spam protection and a strong community to get support. It is very flexible and user-friendly. You can start a on your own host extremely cheaply and get on the way within 20 minutes.

So how do you install it in less than 5 minutes and start blogging?

  • Step 1: Sign up with Hosting

    [av_promobox button=’yes’ label=’Sign up for Arvixe hosting ‘ link=’manually,′ link_target=’_blank’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’444444′ custom_font=’ffffff’ size=’large’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue812′ font=’entypo-fontello’]

    In order to start a wordpress blog website, you need a domain name and a web hosting account. Arvixe is one of the best and most reliable WordPress web hosting providers. Bonus: You get a free domain when you signup for an Arvixe web hosting account.


    You will receive a welcome email with control panel login details. Login to your newly created Arvixe Account.

  • Step 2: Log into hosting control Panel

    Log into your newly created Arvixe Account. Once you are logged in, just scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and you will see WordPress available for installation right from the control panel. Click on the icon.

     Click on wordpress icon
    Click on wordpress icon
  • Step 3: Click on Install

    install wordpress
    install wordpress

    Then, you’ll be redirected to a page, where you can see more details about WordPress. Click on Install button on top of the page.

  • Step 4: Type in blog settings

    wp-install3Type in your WordPress blog settings. Fill the fields such as the site or the folder of your site to which it will be installed, site name/title, the admin username and password. If you wish the WordPress blog to be the main page of your website, make sure the ‘In Directory’ field is empty. When you are done, click ‘Install’. And you’re basically almost done.

  • Step 5: Visit default WordPress page

    default WordPress page.
    default WordPress page.

    Installation will take less than 1 min. Your new blog is ready to use and you can see the default WordPress page.

  • Step 6:Log into Admin


    How to add new post?

    write a post

    After log into your site admin, click ‘Posts’ then click ‘Add New’. Then you’ll be directed to the writing screen. Enter your post title in the upper field, enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it, select a category, add tags and when you are ready, click ‘Preview’ to see how it looks when readers read your post. Click ‘Publish’ to let the world see your post. Read How to write a Post in wordpress blog for more information.

    How to create category

    create/edit category
    create/edit category

    Click ‘Posts’ >> ‘Categories’. Then you’ll be directed to category page. Here you can see existing categories and option to add new category.
    How to add photos, videos and music to your posts

    Add media
    Add media

    Click on the text where you want to add the content and click on the Add Media button in the top left part of the editor. Click on the Select files button in the insert Media pop-up screen. Once you upload the file, fill the attachment settings of the image. Then click the Insert into post button and you will see the image added to your editor window.

    How to customize the Look of your Blog

    You Can change the look and feel of your blog by visiting Appearance>>themes link. Here, you will see your current theme and all other themes you have currently installed in your server. You can preview and activate any theme from this list.To add another one, simply click on the Install Themes tab.There are lots of free and paid WordPress themes available. On this page you can either search for a free theme from the theme directory or you can upload a theme from your local hard drive. Read this tutorial to go through the steps of installing and activating a Theme on your WordPress Powered blog.

    1. If you are searching for a free theme follow these steps: click on the Upload link at the top of the page >> click the Choose File button >> select the archive of your theme from your local computer >>Press the Install Now button >> click the Activate link on the next page you will be redirected to.

      upload theme
      upload theme
    2. If you are upload a theme follow these steps: Browse through the results >> choose a theme for your site >> click on the Install Now link under it >> click the Activate link on the next page you will be redirected to.
    Install theme

    Other WordPress settings: Simply navigate to the sidebar on the left.


    dashboard dashboard

    Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into the administration area of your blog. The Dashboard is the information Central. The Dashboard Screen provides an overview of what’s happening with your blog. It shows the number of posts, pages, Categories, and Tags, a list of the recent comments, links to start writing Posts or Pages and provide access to updating WordPress, plugins, and themes.


    When you click on it you can see all posts from your blog. Here you will get options to edit and delete the existing posts. Under the post menu category you have several links: “Edit”, “Add new”, “Post tags” and “Categories”.
    Media – is the images, video, and files, you upload and use in your blog.
    Page – is another tool to add static content to a WordPress site.
    Comments – you can manage user’s comments here.
    Appearance – Customize the Look of your Blog
    WordPressis highly customizable. You Can change the look and feel of your blog by visiting themes link. There are lots of free and paid WordPress themes are available. Under Appearance you will see another section called Widgets. Widget is a small block that performs a specific function. For example, if you want to show latest posts, categories and tag cloud, just drag and drop the respective boxes to the sidebar where you want them to appear.
    Plugins – to add more functionality to your Blog. Plugins improve the performance of a website, the search engine optimization, and the overall user experience. For eg. comment spam filter, display related posts, t, add contact form add more SEO features, add eCommerce features, etc. For example comment spam filter, or related posts, they are all plugins. Read this tutorial to go through the steps of installing and activating a Plugin on your WordPress Powered blog.
    Here are some must have plugins:

    • Akismet – To protect you from web spam
    • WordPress SEO by Yoast – To increase your search engine traffic by improving your WordPress SEO.
    • W3 Total Cache – To reduce the download times and increase server performance.
    • Contact Form 7 – To add contact page in you blog
    • Google XML Sitemaps – To generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog.
    • WordPress Related Posts – To display related posts in the footer of your content and increase your readers’ engagement with your posts
    • Digg Digg – To display all social sharing buttons nicely on your blog.

    Users : You can add/manage new and existing users here.
    Settings : Here you can change general configuration of your WordPress blog.

Now that you are familiar with the basic features and functions of WordPress, you can start writing content.

How to install a WordPress Theme the right way?

How To Install a WordPress Theme

As a beginner,you have probably heard of various free and paid themes available online. You may have tried out a few themes until you’ve found one that meets your needs. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install a WordPress theme.

This guide will cover the three different ways you can install a theme. However, before installing a WordPress theme, keep in mind that once you activated a new theme, it will change how your website looks and functions. If you are switching from an existing theme, then you need to do several checks first before changing to a new WordPress theme.

Here are the different ways to install a WordPress theme.

  1. Select a free theme from the theme directory >> Install& activate
  2. Download a theme from any other theme directory >> upload zip by using Upload Method from WordPress dashboard >> Install& activate
  3. Download a theme from any other theme directory >> upload theme files using FTP >> activate

How to install WordPress theme from the dashboard

  1. Log into your WordPress admin area. Next, click on Appearance » Themes.
    Install theme
    Install theme

    On the themes page, you will see your current theme and all other themes you have currently installed in your server. You can preview and activate any theme from this list.

  2. To add a new theme, simply click on Add New button at the top.
    Install  theme
    Install theme

    There are lots of free and paid WordPress themes available. On this page you can either select a free theme from the theme directory or upload a theme from your local hard drive.

  3. You will have the ability to select free themes from: Featured WordPress themes, Popular WordPress themes, Latest WordPress themes, search for a specific theme, or search for themes with specific features.

    Install theme
    Install theme
  4. After selecting the theme that you want to install, simply bring your mouse on top of the image.
    Install theme
    Install theme

    You can preview the theme by clicking on preview button or install the theme by clicking on the install button. WordPress will now install your theme and show you a success message along with the link to activate or live preview.

  5. Click on the activate button, and you’ve successfully installed and activated your WordPress theme.

    Install Theme
    Install Theme

Install a Theme by using Upload Method from WordPress Admin

If you are want to give more a professional look to your blog or add more functionality to your blog, there are many premium(Free & Paid) WordPress themes available. You can download these premium theme from the theme directory sites. They provide these premium theme in .Zip format, which you can use to install WP theme directly from dashboard.

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Appearance> Themes > Add New

    Install theme
    Install theme
  2. Click on browse, select & locate your .zip file for theme and click on Install now. Once you click on Install now, your theme will be uploaded and will be installed on your server.

    Install theme
    Install theme
  3. On the next screen, you will see an option to activate the theme.

    Install theme
    Install theme

Installing a WordPress Theme using FTP

Most people are able to upload their themes from WordPress dashboard. But there are times when their web host provider is too strict and not able to do it from dashboard. Then you need to upload files manually to your web server. The most common way to do this is by using an FTP or SFTP (Secure) client. For doing so, you need to have:

  1. An SFTP client installed in your machine. (To learn more about configuring your SFTP client – View FileZilla installation tutorial.)
  2. A software like WinRAR to unpack .zip file. (If you don’t have any WinRAR installed, download the free version of WinRAR and install it). Alternately, you can open Compressed Folder in Windows Explorer.
  3. FTP login details and server address – FTP information can be found in the welcome email you got after you pay for your new hosting account. Find your FTP Host/Address, FTP User & Password

Theme Upload Instructions

  • Unzip your theme .zip file somewhere on your local computer.

    Install theme
    Install theme
  • After extracting the .zip file, upload the entire theme folder via SFTP to your /wp-content/themes/ directory.
    Install theme
    Install theme

    (file transfer type should be “Auto” and not “ASCII” or “Binary”. This is the default for FileZilla.)

  • How to activate any installed theme from this list – Once you done with the upload and installation using dashboard or FTP method, you can browse all installed themes from your WP dashboard.
    Install theme
    Install theme

    Log into your WordPress admin area. Next, click on Appearance » Themes.. You can Preview or activate the theme directly from here.

We hope this step by step guide helped you install a WordPress theme on your site.