Free WordPress Themes You Need to See

Need to spice up your blog but don’t have the money for it? Then try these free themes. Do you know that there are some awesome themes around that you don’t need to spend a penny. Use them as is or create your own, or hack it to make changes. Whatever your plan is, take a moment to look at this wonderful themes.

You’ll be surprise how these themes are thoughtfully created with simplicity and beauty in mind. They are so beautiful that it can work with any kind of theme you want for your blog or website.

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How to Install and Setup a Multisite Network

A WordPress multisite lets you run and manage multiple WordPress sites using a single WordPress installation. You can create and manage new sites instantly and manage them using the same name and password. You can even allow people to sign up and create their own blogs under your own domain.

The advantage of using a multisite network that you can administer multiple sites from a single dashboard easily. You can install plugins and themes on multiple sites with just one download, and it is easier to manage updates.

However, using a multisite network means that you are sharing the same resources on all your sites. When one site is down, all sites on your network will also experience the same problem. Another issue is when you are just starting out, managing resources can be a bit difficult, and if your site gets hacked, then all sites on your network will get hacked too.

So you think you can handle a multisite network? Then, let’s get started:

Display Before and After Images Using Twenty Twenty Plugin

If you want to display before and after images in your website, it will be possible to do it with WordPress out of the box. So, a plugin such as this TwentyTwenty plugin by Corey Martin will make it possible.

This plugin takes advantage of the clip property within CSS by stacking two identical-sized images on top of each other. This clip property will allow the image to show through the container.

The slider is responsive and it uses custom movements events in within the JQuery Move library to support 1:1 slider movement even on mobile devices.

It is easy, simple to use, and do what it does best.

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How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN in WordPress

Page speed is an essential element in determining the success of your website. Slow websites led to bad user experience which is why your site needs to be in the fastest speed possible. One way to speed up your website is to use a Content Delivery Network or CDN. Most users cannot afford a CDN, so in this post, we’ll show you how to set up CloudFlare’s free CDN.

CloudFlare is a Web Application Firewall via a distributed proxy server. It speeds up your website by acting as a proxy between visitors that also helps in protecting your sites against DDoS attacks.

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Embed a Live Google+ Hangouts Session in WordPress

Google Hangouts is the best when it comes to live broadcasts. You can stream, record, bring in guests, and run a Q&A session with a live audience. The problem is, all these happens in your Google+ account, not on your own site. To solve this, we need to put Google+ Hangouts session in WordPress.

The first thing you need to do is to go to Google+ Hangouts on Air and click the Hangout On Air button.

Then a popup will appear asking for your details on your Hangouts on Air. Fill in the required details.

By default, your Hangouts on Air is available in public, which means anyone can see it. If you don’t want to make it public or just be available to selected persons, just tag those people or choose a circle.

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Common Issues in WordPress 3.9 and How to Fix Them

After the release of WordPress 3.9, expect that there are a few problems in your site. If you look at the forums section, you’ll see a lot of complaints, bugs, and errors pertaining to WordPress 3.9 so here are some common issues:

Visual Editor is broken or just disappeared after update.

Issues with plugins and themes. Here is the master list of the known issues in WordPress 3.9.

Add borders or padding to images removed.

When asking for support, be patient, you are not the only one that has this kind of problem especially when requesting for support in forums. And if the volunteer was able to solve your problem, don’t forget to say thanks.

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WordPress 3.9 is Here. Here’s What’s New

WordPress 3.0 arrived yesterday with a lot of improvements and new features. It is WordPress’ major release so this version isn’t automatically updated to your site, you will have to initiate the update. Here are some of the new features: TinyMCE has some major improvements like the drag and drop image uploads, drag and drop files, live gallery previews, resizing images in post editor, plain text editor buttons, and you can copy and paste directly from MS Word. New Theme Screen The new interface for themes was developed separately as a part of THX38. In WordPress 3.9, Add New Theme is prettier and more user friendly. Searching for WordPress themes is a lot easier now.

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Correctly Attribute Articles with Cite

If you are a WordPress site that publishes academic or scholarly articles, then you need Cite. Cite is a new WordPress plugin that helps provide readers the information they need to cite articles correctly. The plugin uses dynamic tags to generate the date, site name, post title, and permalink. Post authors can post citation instructions by just using the [cite] shortcode. The shortcode will automatically generate the article attribution information at the bottom of the post. The plugin includes a settings page wherein you can use any of the available template tags to build a citation template. Cite is a free plugin created by Maeve Lander. Using Cite can save you time on every post where you would manually enter information to help your readers cite your article.

Download Cite from

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Top 10 WordPress Blog Themes

Starting a blog can be tough as you have to figure out a niche for your blog, set up a blogging schedule, and be consistent with the overall look and feel of your site.

Getting the right theme is one of the most important things to have in your blog as it shows what you want to portray and how organize you are as a blogger. Themes are one of the most expensive purchases you’ll have in a blog. The ones that are the most beautiful are the ones that are very expensive. Good thing, web designers listen to aspiring bloggers. These themes are so gorgeous you might ask why they gave it to us for free.

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