How to Configure WordPress After Installation

Now that you have WordPress installed in your site, its time to familiarize yourself with the platform itself. If you haven’t installed it already, or have some difficulty installing WordPress to your site, most web hosting providers offer one-click or 5 minutes installation.

After installing WordPress, familiarize yourself with the admin area. The admin area is a centralized location where you can control your website. Login to your admin area to get to the dashboard. The dashboard is the central hub of the WordPress admin area. You might get overwhelmed at first looking at those menus and links, but once you get used to it, making posts, installing themes, and plugins will be a breeze.


There are other things you need to do after installing WordPress, here are some of those:

How to Configure Your WordPress Theme

Themes will allow you to create a unique look and feel for your blog or website. Themes in WordPress can be installed by uploading it to your site and selecting it. Which means you can change how your site looks with just a few clicks. However, our knowledge about themes shouldn’t end here. Developer, or not, we need to understand how it is structured, and how it works. Installing a theme is pretty straightforward. Official WordPress themes can be downloaded in the admin area and custom built themes can be installed by uploading the zipped format in the Install themes tab of your admin area. However,  if you want your theme to be customized further, here are some things you can do:

Stunning New WordPress Themes

genesis framework logoIf you are not a designer putting a WordPress site together might be a bit of a challenge. This is because most of the visitors that will go to your blog will likely like what they see based on how you present your blog to them. These breathtaking new themes might just give your blog a boost. Whether a personal blog or a website, these themes have a subtle look and feel to it that users will be staring for hours.


These themes are made from Genesis Framework of StudioPress and it just barely scratched the surface.

Take a look at some of the themes here:

Reasons to Use VPS over Shared Hosting in WordPress

vps shared logoStarting a blog is fun. Choosing which hosting platform to have, what kind of web hosting you’ll need, and what other things you have to do with your blog to make it attractive are just some of the things that put me into blogging.

The most difficult part was when I was choosing a web hosting plan. Will I go for free, shared hosting, dedicated, or VPS? Of course, there are many advantages in choosing a hosted blog. You’ll get to make it look the way you want it to be, and you’ll have complete control over it.

In choosing a hosting package, why should you go with VPS instead of shared hosting?

Here are some of the reasons:

Best Full Screen WordPress Themes for Photographers

WordPressThemesPhotograpertoWordPress has a lot of portfolio-styled websites that photographers are craving for. Such themes provide them an easy way to work with theor photos, update new content whenever needed, and display their works in one single page.


There are thousands of WordPress themes made for developers. So, either if you want to showcase your work in full screen or in as many photos at once, these collection of the best WordPress themes for photographers will trigger your fancy.


There are lots of WordPress themes for photographers available online but these themes have just the right style and sense to it for a perfect photographer’s portfolio.


View the themes here:

Top 25 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

scratch headAs a WordPress beginner, its not a surprise that you’ll get hiccups from time to time. But a great thing about committing mistakes is that you learn from it. Experience is a great teacher, but experience teaches you nothing if you don’t learn from it. So before you commit such mistakes, here are some of the common WordPress mistakes a beginner usually commits.

First of course is choosing the wrong platform. How is it that free hosting platform is better than a self hosted one?

Other mistakes are as follows:

5 Best SEO Tutorials to Help You Understand Search Better

learn seoMost of use know how to use search engines but only a few of us knows how it works. In this age where search engines are more refined to block down old and spammy tactics, it is a good idea that you learn a thing or two about SEO. Who knows maybe SEO can change your website or you might be the next SEO guru.

Search engines take a lot of knowledge, expertise, and trial and error. There are no shortcuts. The good news is that you can learn SEO fundamentals for free through these sites.

Read the rest of the post here:

Matt Launches The WordPress Startup Project

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for ways to validate your idea, participate in a startup challenge.  Matt Medieros interviews WordPressu users who have made a living using the platform and on Monday, Matt will start The WordPress Startup Project. This challenge will feature early startups who will get thrown into the “Shark Tank”. The Shark Tank will contain a panel of judges, that comprises of proven WordPress entrepreneurs.

Matt created this startup challenge as a desire to prove that WordPress startup system should be taken seriously. There are so  many startup ideas that these are sometimes overlooked. At such event, expect to see unique startup ideas that have yet to discover and show.

If you want to participate in the said event, read the rest of the news here:

Useful WordPress Shortcuts

Did you know that WordPress has keyboard shortcuts? If you are looking for ways to increase productivity in your WordPress, now is the time to brush up on these keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts speed up the process of any WordPress task.

For instance, in the post editor, there are a plethora of shortcuts available similar to the shortcuts in your rich text editor and text editor. There are also shortcuts in the comments screen, in which you can moderate comments quickly by the pressing these shortcuts.


It might take a while before you get used to these shortcuts, but in the long run it can speed up the process compared to using a mouse or touchpad.

Are you familiar with WordPress keyboard shortcuts? Take a look at it here: