Tips for Managing a Multi-Author Blog

Most blogs start with a one-man operation. When you have a topic that you want to post, just talk about it in your blog. However, as your site begins to grow, there is simply not enough time for you to create as many content as you like. Also, if you need a new voice to your blog, its easier to find someone to do it than impersonate one.

This is when multi-author blogs are necessary. When hiring authors or setting up a guest post, you might want to give them their own account than give your own as they might compromise your site. But before you transform your blog into a multi-author blog, here are some things you must know first.

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Automatically Add NoFollow To External Links

The “nofollow” tag lets you not follow the links that are associated to them to your site’s rankings. It is great for SEO as you are able to filter out what sites you should follow or not thus preventing spam links in your blog. However, you don’t need to worry about it too much because Google algorithms change every day and the old methods of fooling search engines are long buried in the deep, especially after the Google Panda update.

It is still a debatable issue to whether a nofollow attribute can do much benefit in SEO or not, but if you still want to add nofollow tag to external links, here is how to do it by just using a simple plugin.

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Cherry Framework – Free WordPress Framework with 300 Child Templates

Cherry FrameworkCherry Framework is a WordPress framework available in Template Monster. If you have been developing themes for years now, then you know about Template Monster. The framework is released in 2012 and is currently under version 2.3. By using this framework, you’ll have access to more than 300 various themes from Template Monster. The Cherry framework is supposed to be a parent theme with the installed themes or templates acting as a child theme. It is a nifty tool to have in your site because when you are updating the framework or making changes to it, the individual themes won’t be overwritten as it is a standalone theme.


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How to Add Favicon Animations in WordPress

favico jsFavicon animations are getting popular nowadays because of real-time event notifications like what you see in websites like Gmail and Facebook. It is a great way to keep you from returning to that tab over and over again waiting for something to happen. As readers of your post, you’ll want to get that concept into your blog so that they’ll know if your blog has recently been updated or not. This tutorial will let you create your own favicon animation in WordPress using favico.js – an opensource script which lets you integrate this plugin in WordPress and use Favicon Notifications to notify users of the most recent post or activity.


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How to Optimize a WordPress Database

Your WordPress installation contains a database for posts, pages, menus links, etc in a textual and encrypted data. Other things like the files you store in a file sharing site, videos, music, and other files aren’t stored in the database but in wp_content folder instead. As your file grows, your WordPress database also grows; thus, generating garbage data which make your site load slower.

Optimizing your WordPress database is an important task to keep your WordPress site in its best shape. An optimized database performs faster, and responses faster than a site that haven’t had the site optimized in years.

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How to Show Authors List with Photos

If you are running a multi-author blog, you might want to highlight your authors and display their photos. In this post, we’ll show you how to display author lists in WordPress with their photos included.

First, you need to install Author Avatars plugin then after activating the plugin, get the widget then the two shortcodes you’ll need to display author list with their photos.

This tip will also let authors upload their profile photo in WordPress and if the author uses gravatar but doesn’t want to display their gravatar image, you can let them upload their photo.

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How Do WordPress Brute Force Attack Works

Did your site ever had a brute force attack? Are you aware of it? In this post made by Tony Perez of Scuri Blog, he tells the story of how a brute force attack was able to hack into his site  and how an unused WordPress theme was used as a medium to to do it. The attack was a defacement of the site, but this is only a part of what the hacker has in store. The good thing is that the attacker wasn’t able to inject backdoors into the site.


As a website owner, the one thing that will keep you from the hacker is to generate a secure password for your site.


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WordPress 3.6.1 Now Available

WordPress 3.6.1 is now available. This release comes right after WordPress 3.6 was made available in August 25. This release is a maintenance release with a few minor security bug fixes. This maintenance release fixes 13 known bugs  and addresses the three issues fixed by the WordPress security team.


1. Block unsafe PHP serialization that occur in limited situations and setups that can result in remote code execution.

2. Prevent a user with an Author role to use specially crafted request to be able to create a post written by another user.

3. Fix insufficient input validation that can result to redirecting or leading to another website.


Read the rest of the informatio in WordPress Codex.

30 Professional Themes With Multiple Layouts

What I like about WordPress is that there are a ton of options available to your site. You aren’t just limited to a static theme for your site because there are so many WordPress designers out there that you’ll eventually be bombarded with so many options. Say for example, you want a professional website. Finding a theme for such a site will be hard not because you’ll have limited choices, but because there are so many out there that you just can’t pick one.

So, let us help you make a choice by compiling the best themes in the market and putting it in a one concise, easy-to-read, post.

Take note that these themes offer multiple layouts.

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