Best Stock Images for WordPress

The most difficult part in setting up a blog or website are the images. Images of your post or your page tells exactly what it is about. Using a wrong image misinterprets your intention for the page or the post. However, finding the best image to use for your site is not as easy as doing a quick search about it. It might be prone to copyright infringement and can lead your site to a disaster. If you want images that are royalty-free and you can use whenver you want here are some of the best sites to look for it.

Have a look at the best stock images here:

How to Take Advantage of Content Sliders

Content sliders are popular these days. Its subtle look make most readers be curious about your posts. Some love them, some hate sliders. But sliders are just a tool that can either make or break your page. You need to use this tool appropriately to make it work the way you want it to be. When used properly, it can be a potential interaction element that can improve customer engagement, comprehension, and retention of information.

The benefits of content sliders are:

  • Space saving
  • Promote reader engagement
  • perfect for usability-rich media pages
  • user-directed

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Best WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotels are all over the place. The competition is so tight that if you are left out from the latest business strategy, you won’t last in the industry. Get a website so visitors will be able to book online, and settle transactions faster than when a user walks into your hotel. Moreover, it will increase the number of visitors that ranges from a local community to tourists from around the world.

A good hotel website has to be visually appealing and it defines the overall image of your hotel.

Here is a list of the best WordPress themes for hotels:

How to Display Post and Pages in a Grid Layout

A grid layout is a creative way to display images and items from your portfolio. However, you can also use a grid layout to display post and pages to your website. This makes your posts not only attractive but interesting to readers. Responsive grid layout is the best way to display and manage the content of your page. While there are themes that can do just that, if you like your theme but want a bit of a change, you can make use of the grid layout through these popular plugins:

Symple ShortCodes Free ShortCodes Plugin

If you like changing themes a lot, then you might have encountered one annoyance. When changing a theme, you’ll lose all your awesome styles because your shortcode might not work on the other theme. What you can do at this point is to manually add the shortcodes and re-style your theme. Symple Shortcodes solves this problem for you. What this shortcodes plugin does is that it takes your shortcodes and make it available to any theme you use. You can add buttons, tabs, toggles, and other site customization to your theme without having to redo it should you need to change to another theme.


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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Securi as Your Security Plugin

As a WordPress user, security should be your topmost priority. Once your site encountered security holes or got hacked, finding a way to solve the problem will be tedious and time-consuming. If your skills and knowledge about WordPress security is fairly limited, better use a plugin to help you deal with the problem. This is where Securi should be the one and only plugin to use to secure your WordPress site. Securi is a simple, easy-to-use WordPress security plugin to safeguard your website. Here are some reasons you have to use Securi.

Server-side scanning – Securi scans your server to ensure that there aren’t any suspicious files being injected into the  server.

Website integrity monitoring – Securi checks every three hours to ensure that your site is free of any malware, suspicious programs, malicious iframes, etc. It also ensures that your site is not blacklisted from the popular services like Google, AVG, Norton, etc.


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Create a Hot or Not Image Rating Site in WordPress

A hot or not site allows you to host a popularity contest into your WordPress site. It helps build active users and also develops loyal visitors into your website. Use it from time to time to build traffic into your website.

Creating a Hot or Not page is easy. The first thing you need to do is to download and install the Hot or Not plugin. Once installed and activated, a new tab will appear to your WordPress admin. From there you can add new competitors, modify existing competitors, and customize the look and feel of your hot or not page.


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Layer Slider Plugin Review

Sliders not only help in usability but also makes your site look cool. Building a slider from scratch is not just time consuming but very tedious. Layer Slider Plugin gets rid of all the manual work so that you’ll focus more in making your website look beautiful as ever. Layer Slider Plugin is an advanced layer slider for WordPress.   When you install the plugin, it adds a new tab to your admin panel. This tab lets you choose what kind of slider you want and how you want it to be displayed. There are hundreds of customization available. You can create a 2D slider or even take your chances on using a 3D slider for your website.

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What is WordPress Pluggable Function

A pluggable function lets you override certain core functions using a plugin. If you take a look at your wp-includes/pluggable.php, you will see a lot of functions wrapped in the functions_exists check. Which means if the function doesn’t already exist, it uses the one inside conditional.

If you define a function of the same name, you can make the core WordPress run the function of your version along with the additional code supplied.


The most used pluggable function is the wp_mail which sends emails in WordPress by default. With pluggable functions, you can shut down automatic emails in your development environment, so you won’t be able to receive mail notifications.


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