How to Create a WordPress Plugin

WordPress will be a difficult blogging platform if not for the plugins that alter the look and feel of your website. Almost any tweak can be done using a WordPress plugin from a simple tweak to an overall makeover. Plugins can change how your WordPress blog works.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create your very first WordPress plugin. We’ll start with how to structure your plugins, providing a naming convention for it, cleaning up the code, and documenting and using proper coding standards. We’ll also test and prepare your plugins before we’ll be able to use it.

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How to Allow Users to Share Quotes in Your WordPress Posts

Quotes taken from your posts have the potential to go viral, like most newspapers and main steam media sites. These customized quotation blocks in their articles allow users to share your WordPress posts to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In this article, we’ll show you the methods on how you can let users add quotes to their posts, using the RealTidBits PushQuote plugin. Once activated, you can start adding quotes to your WordPress blog posts. Make sure the quotes you gather online are cited to avoid duplicate content issues.

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Top 7 Clean and Inspiring WordPress Admin Themes

For everyone who uses the same old dashboard everyday, it can feel a bit dull and demotivating, like your WordPress admin isn’t the most inspiring place to work. So here are some few plugins which can provide you with a brand new WordPress admin experience like you’ve never experienced before. These themes, usually installed in a form of plugins, give you a brand new experience to your WordPress admin dashboard. With these simple tweaks, you can start to have a productive day ahead.

Retina Press for example, is a plugin that brings modern design and Google webfonts to your WordPress dashboard. It has a custom login pag, and JQuery accordion menus for smoother animation.

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How to Delete Spam Users in WordPress

Owning a blog is really tough to maintain especially if you are gaining popularity already. There will come a time where a few spam users will come to your site and just post spam in your every post. This is one of the annoyances of having a blog but there are ways to prevent it like using plugins like re-captcha and even taking advantage of Akismet. However, if you are trying to fix the problem, deleting a lot of spam users can take forever.

So, here is a simple code to get rid of spam users in your WordPress site:

Top 6 WordPress Currency Converter Plugins

If you are an e-commerce site or you just feel the need to add a currency converter in your WordPress site, these top 6 currency converter plugins will help get things done. Some of these plugins are widget-based and some are in-line oriented (convert currencies on the fly), some are a combination of both.

Currencyr is a plugin that offers not only widgets but also shortcodes. It can convert currencies, on-the-fly, it can allow you to set-up a pull-down menu on a price then be converted to various currencies, and even more options.

Other currency converters are EuroRef, WP Currency Converter, Currency Converter, Google Ajax Currency Convertor, and The Exchange Rate Table.
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The Clown Car Technique for Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design has been the hot topic today. Do you know why? Because nobody likes the idea. New elements are being introduced as a solution to this problem but it only turns out to be more of a headache than a problem-solving technique. The idea is to provide images for users to be able to view regardless or the display size or resolution without wasting memory or bandwidth.

The “clown car” technique is a technique wherein large images are in a single SVG image file. We then use the <object> element to encourage browsers to support raster images in SVG as an <img>. It is not a viable solution as problems may still arise but it is the best method so far.

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Get a Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin for WordPress

Tired of the old admin theme in your WordPress site? has designed a plugin which brings Twitter Bootstrap styles to your WordPress dashboard. The Twitter Bootstrap Admin is a clean, and minimalist administration theme that changes the look of your dashboard with new icons, colors, and Bootstrap being its backbone.

Here is what is included in the Bootstrap admin:

Styling of WordPress admin area
Bootstrap icons
Default WordPress forms theming
Button themes
Style admin using LESS
WPMUdev MarketPress optimizations
WPMUdev Pro-Sites optimizations

The plugin also includes Elusive-Icons Webfont, a package of vector icons made from BootStrap.

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Fresh-Themed Premium WordPress Themes

planeIf you want your blog to stand out, you need to look fresh and different from the rest. Free themes are available at your disposal but expect that majority of bloggers in an open web have already used that. Premium themes are special. What makes it special is that you know firsthand that the designer has put a lot of attention in designing a beautiful theme. Everything from the design, layout, and images are made to match the theme, make it stand out.

WordPress premium themes are not cheap, but you’ll get what you’ve paid for. These stunningly designed, fresh-looking theme deserves a mention for top premium themes of the month.

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How to Add Google+ Comments in Your Blog

imagesGoogle has just added a feature for their Blogger that allows visitors to post comments using their Google+ account. Even though Facebook is the most popular social media online, Google+ has still a fair share of users. If you add Google+ comments to your blog, you’ll see an increase visibility of your website because these comments are published to their walls or timelines automatically. And since most people already have Google+ signed in to their computers, they don’t need to fill forms.

However, there is no official plugin yet for Google+ comments in WordPress. Which means that some features are lacking like comment notification. And since this is not an official plugin Google might shut it down, but it’s not likely to happen at this time.

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