Top 4 Online SEO Classes

seo-trainingA good content won’t get noticed if search engines cannot find your WordPress blog or website. Search engine optimization will help your visitors to get to your potential clients and may even entice to subscribe to your mailing list, thus building more web traffic. Online presence is defined by web traffic. Just think of how viral videos in YouTube are able to gain popularity amongst other YouTube videos and how an interesting news or story gets shared. This all comes to using SEO techniques and understanding how users search for the content they need. This article covers the top 4 online SEO training classes.

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How to Create an Effective Footer

There are many elements in a webpage but the one that is always forgotten is the footer. The footer is a necessary element in your website because it can showcase valuable information about your site. When people wants to find a content or information in your site and couldn’t find it, they leave your site. Most aspects in a footer are always forgotten like showing your website’s homepage, making it clean and uncluttered, and adding vital information like your contact information.

This article will explain what makes up a good footer and how we can solve common footer mistakes.

The Best Copywriting Tips for 2013

For users to gain interest in our blog, a good copy is an effective way to attract them. If you not a writer, nor a journalist, you will have a hard time catching writing a copy that can attract customers. However, don’t fret because with practice and discipline, improvements will follow. Just don’t be tempted to procrastination, and all will be well.

A guest post from has the best tips for creating a good copy and how long will it take to improve your copywriting skills. Remember that a good copy is a skill that can be honed with proper practice.

PrettyPhoto Media WordPress Plugin Review

Photo maniacs or blogs/websites that has a lot of images in their sites can benefit from this wonderful plugin because it displays not only images but also videos in a fancy overlay that is uniquely prettyPhoto.

PrettyPhoto Media plugin makes your site more attractive with its pretty photo gallery as the images and videos are presented in a visually appealing manner. The plugin makes your site more fashionable. However, what I don’t like is that you have to manually add hook for every single picture you add. What if I have 100 photos to add? It will take me a lot of time.

Note: For hosting images you need high quality web hosting. BluetHost is the top choice of web masters for quality web hosting backed by good support

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WPML Review

Do you want your WordPress blog or website to display in any language you like? It may sound tedious and not to mention, expensive but with this plugin, you’ll have the ability to convert your website into any language.

WordPress MultiLingual Plugin is a plugin which lets you create multi-lingual websites in just a few simple steps.

WPML is offered in two license packages:

Multilingual CMS – a complete solution for your WordPress site at %79.
Multilingual blog – a complete solution for non-WordPress sites and blogs at $29.

This plugin can be used to an unlimited number of sites.

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Wysija WordPress Plugin Review

Wysija is a WordPress plugin to help create newsletters. It is one of the most useful WordPress plugin available. The plugin is available in two versions – free and premium. Wsija offers many interesting features like the ability to schedule newsletter, offer multiple lists, and has many themes available, free or premium versions. The plugin has two versions free and premium. The premium version has extra features and offers unlimited number of subscribers, stats, priority support, and has access to premium theme. The price of premium is $99 per year for one site. What I like about this plugin is that you can create a stylish newsletter in just a few easy-to-use steps.

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Alternate Your WordPress Theme with LP Jumper Plugin

Landing Page Jumper imageDo you want to show something fresh to your readers as they visit you? This WordPress plugin has the power to change the theme automatically based on the interval or percentage you choose. All you have to do is to activate this plugin, choose  WordPress themes that you want to display, then set the rotation percentages of the theme. Remember that when setting the rotation of the pages, it has to be in a total of 100% to work properly. This is a perfect plugin for affiliate marketers because they can set landing pages using only one traffic source.

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Top Author Box Plugins for WordPress

author-box-sampleAn “About” page may not be enough to stay in the competition. If you want to keep up with the pace, add an author box in your every content. Creating an author box manually may be tedious because you have to do that in every post, and does not appeal that much since its just plain text doesn’t look exactly what its trying to tell to readers. Author box plugins simplifies this task so you don’t have to worry whether your author information is placed after your content because it is automatically generated when you published a blog.


Have a look at the top 6 author box plugins for WordPress:


Top 5 Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

WordPress by default, is not optimized for speed. It only uses a caching system to aid in creating copies of web pages and saving them as static files in databases. So, whenever a user re-visits your blog, a cached copy is opened; thereby, increasing page load speeds. If you want your pages to load faster so that more and more visitors will be interested in your blog or website, these WordPress plugins can help with that.

If this is not enough, here is a list of the top 5 plugins to help increase the speed of your website.

1. Cache Total W3
2. Cache Hyper Extended
3. Quick Cache
4. WP-Cache
5. Cache DB Reloaded Fix

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