WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Review

woocommerce imageWooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin made for eCommerce websites. It is an extremely powerful plugin with many functionalities. Its interface is very easy to use that anyone, even without technical skills can install and setup WooCommerce without any difficulties. The plugin has a lot of great features you’ll usually find in a paid ecommerce software like PayPal, Mijreh Checkout, BACS, Cash on Delivery, Cheque, Google Analytics, Flat Shipping/Free Shipping, and a lot more.

What is wonderful about this plugin is that it has a very intuitive user interface that even a beginner can use. The plugin is free but if you want more functionality, you need to pay for additional extensions. Overall, it is a great basic ecommerce for your WordPress website.


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ShortCodes Ultimate – WordPress Plugin Review

shortcodes ultimate imageShortCodes Ultimate is a WordPress plugin which allows you to optimize your website using more than 30 shortcodes which you can add to your website to make it appear professional. With just a few simple clicks, you can create fancy boxes, lists, quotes, and other things that can make your website beautiful.

The plugin as a common procedure similar to what most plugins have. It has 5 menus you can explore at your liking like the about menu, settings menu, custom css, shortcodes, etc. Using shortcodes ultimate is easy, you can add shortcodes to any post and page. Overall, the plugin is a great feature to add in your website. Although, I would like the plugin to list recently or frequently used shortcodes to make it easier to find.


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MaxGalleria WordPress Plugin Review

MaxGalleria is a WordPress plugin that handles both image and video galleries. It also has neat features like a responsive design, WordPress Media Library Integration, and other cool features.

What is great about MaxGalleria is that you can create both images and video galleries, has a responsive designmaxgallerialogo, and can make your task a lot easier especially if you are using NextGEN Gallery.

MaxGalleria is a premium plugin which lets you choose from three license packages:

Personal ($39) – can be used on 1 website
Professional ($99) – can be used up to 3 websites
Ultimate ($199) – can be used on unlimited number of websites plus priority support.


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PageLinks Plus Review

PageLink Plus LogoIf you need a pagination plugin, have a look at PageLink Plus. PageLink plus is a pagination plugin that can improve WordPress functionality through single page option, titles, parameters management, automatic page breaks,and other features. The plugin comes in a free version which lets you add single-page option to your page link tag. You can also buy add-ons which can improve the functions of the plugin.

This article is a comprehensive review of PageLinks Plus starting from how to install the plugin, how to set it up in your website, and what are the other things you can do with the plugin.

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How Using Too Many Plugins Can Affect Your Website

killwebsite imageWhat is great about WordPress is that you can use Plugins to customize your website the way you want it. There are so many plugins available in WordPress and what is tempting about it, is that most plugins are free. In fact there are more than 21,000 free plugins available in WordPress.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use it all. There are reasons you need to select only the best free plugin available and choose as less plugins as needed. It is because a lot of plugins will affect the way your website performs.

Do you really want to know why? Here is the link to help clear things up: http://wphacks.com/how-using-too-many-wordpress-plugins-can-kill-your-website/

Embed Plus Review

EmbedPlus is a great WordPress plugin to embed your YouTube videos. What is great about it is that it has additional features like chaptering, social media, time synced, annotation, looping zoom, and slow motion playback. All you have to do to embed is to follow the instructions in the wizard. You can also customize your video to begin and end anywhere you want.

EmbedPlus is plugin that is easy to customize plus the Wizard makes embedding a breeze.

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Social Networks Auto-Poster Review

This article presents a review of a WordPress plugin called Social Networks Auto-Poster. Social Networks Auto-Poster publishes your post in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. It supports custom post types and allows you to include or exclude categories when auto-posting. Social Networks Auto-Poster is a great plugin to have if you are interested in sharing your posts to most social networks. You can select if you want your posts to appear as an entire article or just show some parts in your article to serve as a teaser. The included social media sites are enough to get you started but if you need more, you have to upgrade to a PRO version.

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How to Add Your Own Widget Area in WordPress

Sometimes, WordPress themes don’t have the right number of widgets placed in proper locations. This can be frustrating because you like the theme, but couldn’t use it well because it lacks the number of widgets you need. Well, don’t you worry now because you can add your own widget area in WordPress. All you need to do is to register a sidebar using the register_sidebar() function, then customize the theme as you see fit. You can use HTML5 for customization. After that, you can now add a sidebar to your chosen theme. Add the following snippet to your footer.php:

// Custom widget Area Start
if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('Custom Widget Area') ) : ?>
<?php endif;
// Custom widget Area End

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‘Tis The Season for Christmas Graphics

Christmas is just around the corner. If you haven’t decorated your WordPress website yet, you might like this collection of brush packs for your graphics editing pleasure. These are 70 vectors, textures, graphics, and patterns related to Christmas.  So whether you are creating a Christmas card or decorating your WordPress theme, these wide collection of Christmas tool box that were put together by SpeckyBoy.com has the right tool for every job. It is a good idea if you decorate your WordPress website based on the season we are in so that your visitors will know that your website is active.

Have a look at the collection here: http://speckyboy.com/2012/12/10/the-designers-christmas-toolbox-brushes-textures-patterns-and-vectors-packs/