WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Performance

The benefit of using WordPress plugins is that you can do almost anything with it. You have a lot of options when it comes to giving your WordPress a better function and now, increase its performance. If you want your WordPress site to perform faster, have a look at these top 13 WordPress plugins that can increase website performance. It is important that your website is fast because Google add speed loading times as a basis for increasing your web page ranking. If your blog doesn’t load fast enough the way it should be, you will be ranked lower than those sites that are faster.

Read all about plugins here: http://skyje.com/wordpress-performance/

Top 60 Resources for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. If you have a site that is run through WordPress and you don’t know what to do with it, you can benefit from these top 60 resources to help you with your website. Resources like where to find the best free plugins for your site, how to design your site effectively, or just a site that will definitely inspire you to keep on pursuing your blogging career are a few of the available resources in this site. You can also be in the know in the list of WordPress news and stay updated with current jobs available for WordPress.


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How to Deal With Hacked WordPress Install

Getting hacked in WordPress is very difficult when you don’t know how to deal with it. It is common to get hacked in WordPress especially if you don’t update your WordPress installation often because hackers feel fame when they have broken into the most popular CMS in the world. In this article, you will have some basic checklist to see if your website is actually hacked, what are some things you can do to check if your hacked, and what can be done if you have been hacked. To prevent your site from getting hacked, the simplest thing you can do is just update WordPress.


Here is the article: http://wphacks.com/how-to-handle-a-hacked-wordpress-install/

How You Can Tweak WordPress For ECommerce

WordPress has now become the favorite of eCommerce sites because it is easy to setup, and quick to configure. If you don’t know, you don’t need to use any software to set up an eCommerce site in WordPress because with some tweaks, it can be a decent ecommerce platform out-of-the-box. Here are some suggestions that can tweak WordPress for eCommerce. Suggestions like updating your WordPress, managing permalinks, and using an ecommerce software that is a match in every element in your website. If you are like me, who needs to sell products but don’t have the time to tweak and configure it, read this post.


Know how you can tweak it here: http://wphacks.com/how-to-tweak-wordpress-ecommerce/

Top 10 Social WordPress Themes

When you use social media in WordPress, it gives you a slight advantage from the rest of those that don’t use it. Facebook  and Twitter when used properly in your blog, create better traffic and makes your post more interesting. With that in mind, these top 10 social WordPress themes have themes that comes pre-loaded with social media integration from websites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Delicious, and many other social media.

My favorite is Revolution Magazine because it has a lot of customization options, widgets, and has a solid, intuitive look and feel.


You can read all the themes here: http://skyje.com/social-wordpress-themes/

7 Elegant Fonts For Your Blog

Typography is an essential part of a good website design. We know a site when its elegant instantly by just looking at the fonts. If you need to portray elegance in your blog or website, have a look at these 7 elegant fonts for WordPress or any blog or website. Weddings blogs, hotel sites, or any blog that wants to add some elegant touch to their website can benefit from using elegant fonts like Mardian, Sverige Script. Portray history in your blog or website by using the Cancellaresca Script. Other fonts listed are just too elegant to be used  for any kind of website.

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List of Flickr Plugins You Can Use in WordPress

Flickr is the best way to share pictures to your friends, families, and loved ones. Flickr is also the mostly used photo repository for WordPress designers and developers. If you want to share your Flickr pictures in WordPress or use Flickr to save pictures for later use, you’ll benefit from this list of Flickr plugins you can use in WordPress. Like when you want to display your Flick photos, use the Simple Flickr Photos plugins, when you need to insert Flickr photos in your WordPress blog, use flickrpress, or if you need to spice up your post by showing pictures relevant to your content, you can use WPDecoratr.


There are so many Flickr plugins you can use, if you want to see the list, visit this site: http://skyje.com/complete-list-of-flickr-wordpress-plugins/

How to Simplify SEO with WordPress Tools

SEO is easy to learn but hard to implement. One of the rules in developing an SEO strategy for your website is that you need to put a lot of work and effort into it. The problem is we don’t have the time to do all the SEO techniques that we just end up relying ni black-hat SEO and hope our site won’t get a red flag. Real SEO requires hard work but it does not mean you cannot take steps to make it easier. Using just the free and readily available WordPress tools, you can simplify the complicated and arduous process of SEO.


Read about it here: http://wphacks.com/wordpress-tools-for-simplifying-seo/

How to Build a WordPress Network Navigation Menu

WordPress allows their users to host multiple independent site. This feature is called ‘Multisite’ and it also allows WordPress users to share settings, content, and code between websites in your network.

When you want your readers help navigate through your network of sites, your in tough luck because MultiSite does not offer such feature. You either get a plugin to do it for you, or better yet make your own WordPress navigation menu by just copying and pasting this code snippet in  the functions.php of your WordPress file. It’s faster, easier, moreover, you will know what this code actually does.


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