How Important is a WordPress Upgrade

Upgrades help improve a site’s performance, stability, and security. Having a WordPress ugraded whenever it has one is very beneficial since old WordPress version may be the target for hackers. ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned name and Numbers was recently hacked because they failed to upgrade their WordPress. ICANN is a high profile blog, they may have solved the problem already but what if it happens to your site?

WordPress releases patches and fixes whenever they released an upgrade. While users have a choice whether to upgrade or not, it is recommended to perform an upgrade immediately or be hacked like all other bloggers that fail to upgrade WordPress.


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Display Your Latest Tweets in Your Blog Without Any Plugins

If you are using Twitter and you want to display your tweets in your WordPress blog there are various plugins available that will be able to do that. Although it allows easy customization to your blog, you may find that sometimes it does not do what you want it to do or even has more extras that you don’t actually need. For instance, some may put advertisements to your plugins that may be annoying. Why not do it yourself? Besides it will just take a few codes to get things done. In fact, just copy the code snippet provided here:

Top 6 WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins allow easy, and customizable enhancement to your blog. However, since WordPress is a popular blogging platform you may find it hard to get the best plugin for your blog not because there are only a few, but because there are too many of them. Since you can’t use it all, here are some suggestions that will make your blog more functional than before. These plugins feature an easy way to post SEO-friendly blogs, site optimization, blog improvement, and many more. In fact, just these six may satisfy all your blogging needs.


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Attract Members to Your WordPress Site Through Viral Content

Giving your readers free content is a good way to attract members to your WordPress site. It is even better if your content goes viral because it will be the talk of town when it becomes viral. The more people know about your viral content, the higher the possibility of attracting members to your WordPress blog.

Consider your content as an ambassador. You don’t want your ambassador to look low quality and incompetent, will you? You need to make an effort to produce and distribute it to places that you will know will have a higher change to get noticed. When it will get noticed and readers like it, it will go viral.

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How Can You Help WordPress

Ever wondered how you can contribute to WordPress? The good news is WordPress is open source, you can help make WordPress better by participating in WordPress. For instance, if you know how to create a theme, then you can make free or premium themes that your fellow users can use in their blog or website. WordPress also allows people the freedom to add functionaliy to their websites, which in this case, is called WordPress plugins, if you know how to make one, you have contributed well in WordPress. However, if you don’t know how to design or code, there are Forums in which you can contribute your knowledge.

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Add LightBox to All Your Images Automatically

Lightbox is a cool feature that should be in every images in your website so when a visitor clicks an image, the website is darkened and only the image will be shown. In this way, readers can freely return to the post without any interruptions like the image opened in the new tab or is replaced with the post that they are reading. When you want to get lightbox to all your posts especially in your old ones, doing it manually is such a pain in the neck. So, here I have a simple code snipped that you just need to put in your functions.php file to add lightbox automatically to all your images.


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Concepts of a Killer WordPress Website

Do you want to build  killer WordPress sites? Well, all it takes are some useful plugins like those plugin that can showcase your most popular blog post, suggest related posts the readers are searching for, an organized content, some hacks you can do to make your plugins and WordPress more useful than before, and most of all, it should appeal to the many.

Content is king, however, if your blog is not meant to showcase your content even though you have the best content in it, it won’t be as popular as those sites that have made their way to the readers, and developed reader’s attention.


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Modify The Refresh Rate of Your RSS Widget

WordPress has a feature that will allow you to display an RSS feed to your blog. This is very useful especially if you want your readers to know what is your latest post and when you post it. Readers are more interested in blogs that update frequently than those that leave their blogs for months and update on an infrequent basis. This built-in widget is a great tool for letting users know what you are up to. However, the problem is it does not update as often as you update your blog. Here is a quick hack that you can do to change how often your RSS feed will refresh.

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How to Automatically Empty Trash Daily

Emptying trash is one of the most annoying thing I do in my WordPress blog since this is one of the most forgotten directory in my website. If the trash is left forgotten, you will end up with a heap of unnecessary files that can hog up your system or slow down your site. What if you can empty trash in a frequent basis without having to do anything but set up this feature once? Before you proceed make sure that you won’t be getting back to your deleted files and you know what you are actually doing.

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