Ways To Improve Navigation in WordPress

If readers find it hard to navigate through your site, the change of gaining more readers is likely to be low. Navigation is an important feature in a blog or website because you show reader what they want faster. Even if you have the best content online, with poor navigation, it will be nothing if readers cannot find it in the quickest way possible.

Improving website navigation means visitors will find more of your content and will return for more. WpHacks.com lists 10 different ways you can improve navigation for your WordPress blogs for better usability. If you navigate to your site and find it hard to look for content, get to the homepage, etc, then follow this guide.


Full article here: http://wphacks.com/10-ways-to-improve-navigation-in-wordpress/

CSS3 Tutorials That Are A Must See

If you are not in tune with CSS3 yet, here are some tutorials that you should know and you must learn. CSS3 made way to a more advanced features meaning you can now use a simpler and more versatile codes to get what you want compared to using the old CSS. Through these tutorials, you can also explore the various features CSS3 has in store for designers and developers.

For example, do you know that you can create 3D animation using pure CSS? Moreover, you can also create buttons in CSS, gradients, design prettier web forms all using CSS3.


Read full article here: http://skyje.com/css3-tutorial

WP Engine: Seamless Integration With Git

Despite git being a common practice in software development, WordPress didn’t use git until today. A few hours ago, WP Engine announced in their blog that they have launched seamless git integration for WordPress developers. Using git can give WordPress’ version control a breath of fresh air.

With that, WP Engine has a guided documentation on how you can create you initial repository based on their built-in snapshot feature. Developers that didn’t use version control will get up to speed quicker thanks to git.

Those familiar with git, on the other hand, can benefit from push-to-deploy, and it operates the same manner GitHub and BitBucket has only that it is integrated directly to your local install to your hosting environment.

Read full article here: http://wpcandy.com/reports/wpengine-git-integration

Guide in Hacking WordPress Theme Template Pages

Theme template pages are sometimes an annoyance because it does not look the way you want it to look like. Most of us do not use the default WordPress theme, we search online for free themes we can use. The drawback is that themes are coded and developed differently. This then goes to the limitations of your chosen theme, a widget area is missing, sidebar is different, and some features you need are missing too.

Here is an article discussing how WordPress works, what you need to know before hacking, and how you can hack WordPress theme templates and make it work your way: http://wphacks.com/how-to-hack-wordpress-theme-template-pages/


Ten Reasons You Should Use WordPress Premium Themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool online. It is open sourced, has all the tools you need, and you can customize it the way you want it to be. When setting up our blog or website, the first thing we do is to look for a theme to match our website as it can help increase our readers and allow us to monetize our site.  The first thing that comes to our mind is to use free WordPress themes will save us a few bucks; however, this kind of thinking is wrong.

Here is an article explaining the top reasons why you must use premium WordPress themes: http://skyje.com/choose-a-premium-wordpress-themes/

Generate QR Codes in Your WordPress Automatically

QR codes are drives traffic to your website especially now that most of online surfers use smartphones or tablets to view websites rather than their computers and laptops. The major advantage of QR codes for your blog is that you avoid the competitive search engines. By using QR codes, you provide links so customers directly access your site. So much for racing on top of search engine results, QR codes delivers traffic like no other.

QR codes are easy to create. In fact, there are a lot of QR codes generator online you can use. However, if you want your blog to have QR codes to every post, using such tool is not recommended as it consumes time.


WPRecipes suggest this code to help generate QR codes automatically.

Full story here: http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-automatically-generate-a-qr-code-for-your-posts

How To Use WordPress for Project Management

Juggling numerous clients too stressful for you? Just imagine your clients, each with different task for you and each has its own requirements and preference. How will you be able to manage your time and at the same time meet those deadlines?

While communicating through email seems like the best choice, you will be overwhelmed with mails from your clients over time thus even ruining your schedule. Skyje.com suggest using WordPress to help manage projects.

WordPress doesn’t cost you anything to get started and you can use as many subdomains as you like. To use WordPress for project management you will need some subdomains and follow the guide located here: http://skyje.com/wordpress-for-project-management/

Should Your Site Have Related Posts Plugin

Using related posts plugin keeps your readers engaged in your site by letting them know that your site have other things that they may like. With some backend tricks, this plugin can make post suggestions based on what the reader is viewing, page views, and average time on the site. Related posts also let you have the opportunity to add advertisements to your site.

However, there is a drawback when using such plugin. It can destroy the site’s performance or worst, bring it down. It is because of the FULLTEXT index of MySQL.

Learn more: http://wphacks.com/related-posts-wordpress-plugin/

How To Add Forum To Your WordPress Blog Quickly

When you need to add Forum to your WordPress blog, our first option is to use phpBB or VBulletin if you have some dough to spare. However, this method is not recommended for blogs that are already online and you want to integrate forums to it.

WpHacks.com suggest alternatives into getting forums to your WordPress blog that can be added with just a few simple steps using RS Discuss WordPress plugin. Expect to get the functionality of a forum like the ability to set administrators and moderators, multiple language support, and RSS feeds.

If you need a quick forum to your WordPress blog, this  plugin is the right one for you.

Read full article here: http://wphacks.com/how-to-easily-add-a-forum-to-your-wordpress-blog/