How To Point Your Domain Name To Arvixe Web Hosting

When a domain is registered the registrar (such as GoDaddy,  1and1 ect) will set the name servers by default to their own servers. After you sign up with arvixe hosting you’ll have to point your domain (i.e. change the default name servers to those of your new web hosting company) to arvixe hosting account. Usually you get your new name servers with your welcome email from arvixe web hosting.

Follow these steps to point your website

  1. How To Change Name Servers (DNS) for GoDaddy
  2. How to Change your Nameservers on an Enom Account
  3. How to Change name servers via
  4. How to change DNS name server settings in Network Solutions?
  5. How to change the name servers on a Yahoo Domain
  6. How to change name servers at
  7. How to Change name servers via

How to point addon Domain Name to Arvixe Web Hosting
Arvixe lets you host multiple domains under one account.

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Blog Struggles: I Need an Eraser for My Old Posts

We often need to erase old blogs, not because it is an excuse but we want to attempt to get back again into the flow of things to rewrite all SEO articles or totally redo the most popular post, but need to be focused and faced challenges for all this activity. There are many popular articles over the past years for proper direction such as Do You Update Posts or Post Updates? « Lorelle on WordPress, Blog Struggles: When An Old Post is New Again, Rotating Old Posts and Tires, Cleaning Up Old Posts, The Gateway to Your Blog, and SEO Tips: Increase Page Rank By Revitalizing Your Old Posts.

For this purpose a month of WordPress Plugins was introduced to update the blogs, but the issue while updating blogs is that the updates are eternal. There will always be Plugins those will stop being supported and replace them, and those help people to get the words they need to find the Plugins.   The article “A Love Letter to WordPress Plugin Authors,” describes not only how to promote a WordPress Plugin, but more importantly how to help people in desperate need of the solution.

The tags and categories are also making trouble for everyone. Categories are table of contents of a site and tags are your index words, and now that taxonomies have been introduced. The article “What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content” has much information about “content theft” that means when you take something without permission that doesn’t belong to you, it’s theft.  This topic has amazing discussion and released number of post.


Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers to

Huge numbers of windows live spaces bloggers are shifting to About 30 million blogs converting to, that needs customer support as well as input to the service.

According to Inside Windows Live, WordPress powers over 8.5% of the web and is used on over 26 million sites. is seen by over 250 million people every month. Therefore there are some quick tips those who with Windows Live Spaces blogs and through March 2011 migrate to a blog:

  • Your blog domain name might have to change. You can register domain with and people won’t know the difference.
  • Don’t Worry About Your Images and Media: All your images and hosted media will import right into
  • Themes and Designs: offers a wide variety of WordPress Themes. You can easily port themes and design over to with the Custom CSS extra.
  • support is everywhere: Lot of helpful article available however check out the Forums,, Features, Support, and Learn services.
  • Galleries: does not feature albums however flickr and other image services can easily be included in WordPress.
  • Shortcodes makes adding content easy: features shortcodes to post in your blog posts are very simple and easy.
  • Sharing and Social May Change: These features are coming into WordPress.
  • Modules Verses Widgets: is not modularized, but widgetized. Statistics and Numbers: has an excellent, simplified stats feature built right in that will help you keep track of the activity on your site.
  • Ads are a no-no:. Copyright and spam rules are basically the same.
  • Remember, it’s about blogging: You don’t have to worry about security, server downtimes, tweaking code, futzing with designs, or playing around with time-waster stuff so you can just focus on blog components..
  • Not sure is right for you? Check out the comparison between WordPress and now handles a lot of the CNN, Fox, People, and other high traffic blogs, including the king of traffic, the popular I Can Has Cheezburger. development team working with Windows Live Spaces, all images on Live Spaces was stored on Skydrive. For more information and details are available at  “Help and Tips for Windows Live Spaces Bloggers with Modules, Albums, Widgets, and Lists.


Random WordPress Plugins: Rotating Banners, Header Art, Images, Quotes, and Content on Your Blog

Some people like that their site look different on each page with respect to header art, banners, artwork, photography, image, past posts and quotes on each page of blog to attract the visitors.

If you love randomness then there is WordPressPlugins as part of the month long series on WordPress Plugins which includes all type of randomizing features, all you can find in Randomness Plugins on”

For random images easy-to-use script or Plugin allow to pull all images into single directory, and it is most popular mentioned using random features. This method can be used as a background image in style sheet. The Header Image Rotator WordPress Plugin allows adding an unlimited number of header images in just about any file type and the rotation intervals can easily be controlled.

Some blogs have very important and worthwhile material used for yeas of life, so it is need to access those posts with a random post generating WordPress Plugin. The Archivist WordPress Plugin, is a favorite to learn more about on Revitalizing Your Blog’s Past Posts.

The feature of Random quotes and text are also needed frequently. The Witty Text was only one WordPress Plugin that offered the ability to easily add random text to the blog. Currently the WP Random Quotes Generator is very easy to use but has some issues. The problem to import CSV quotes to database in described in Importing Quotes Into the Random Quote Generator WordPress Plugin – WP-Quotes article. However there are many choices for adding quotes to WordPress blog.